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Steven Near - Director

Welcome to Near & Near Undertakers ... 


 A local family owned and run company, with premises in Grimsby & Immingham.


We are "your family'" Funeral Directors with "your family's" wishes always at

the forefront of the considered advice we give.



Please be assured that we are working tirelessly to safely

assist and support families throughout these

unprecedented times of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


The facilities at The Mews, David Street allow for up to three people to

make funeral arrangements in person without infringing 

Social Distancing Rules

Steven Near

Services and Charges

Our Services

We offer independent, comprehensive and dependable services of a funeral director and staff from our funeral homes at
The Mews, David Street, Grimsby.
Telephone 01472 250150
373 Pelham Road, Immingham.
Telephone 01469 575050

       When ever you telephone us,
              you speak directly to 

 Near & Near Undertakers

     and not

             to a recorded voice mail
or someone at a remote call centre.

Our exacting attention to detail when discussing, planning and carrying out the funeral service for a loved one is appreciated by the thousands of bereaved families who have trusted us at such a delicate time in their lives.

Whatever the funeral requirements 
simple, elaborate, extraordinary or private
the Funeral Directors of Near & Near Undertakers
are always here to assist you and your loved ones .......
'reverently, quietly and with the utmost dignity' 


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Useful Information

Useful Information

This section offers a wealth of information associated directly and indirectly with bereavement.

For example:

  • Information in regard to financial assistance in paying for a funeral service.
  • Details of the local Crematorium and Municipal Cemeteries.
  • Assistance when choosing floral tributes and florists.
  • Assistance in the purchase of a Head Stone or other memorial
  • Financial planning before and after a death
  • Assistance in dealing with the estate of the deceased


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Funeral Notices

Funeral notices

Details of services and other information of those who Near & Near Undertakers are caring for.

Read all notices...


to the Near & Near Undertakers website.

It will assist you, whether at a time of bereavement or, as a source of information about our funeral directing services and services of associated businesses such as florists, monumental masons and solicitors.

The Inter Active Quotation facility offers the ability to choose a funeral service and quantify it financially, a great assistance when planning for the future, either anonymously or with assistance from our funeral directors.

This facility completely illustrates the openness of our pricing structure.


The Useful Information link gives advice on Funeral Pre-payment Plans, directions to local Crematorium, Cemeteries and Register Offices, details on financial assistance with the cost of a funeral from the Department of Work & Pensions and a great deal more.

The Funeral Notices link enables the viewing of all notices relating to the service and other information of deceased people cared for by Near & Near Undertakers.


All the Funeral Directors at Near & Near Undertakers Limited are dedicated in providing a comprehensive, independent quality funeral director service to bereaved families and friends, communicating with great care and empathy. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attitude towards your loss and we are here 24 hours a day, every day, to help, advise and guide families through the funeral procedure ‘reverently, quietly and with the utmost dignity’, a maxim that has been the ethos of Near & Near Undertakers from the outset.

In 2018 Near & Near Undertakers celebrated thirty privileged years, the privilege of serving and supporting thousands of bereaved families both locally and beyond.


With in excess of 150 years of collective experience, the Funeral Directors of Near & Near will, with great care and understanding, continue to help and guide families through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

As part of our responsibility to future generations, the planet and offsetting climate change by being carbon neutral, we ensure that all our coffins and caskets are Environmentally Friendly. They are all manufactured with Forest Stewardship Council certification, with low CO2 emmissions and using Green Electricity. For every solid wood coffin and casket we have produced a deciduous native sapling tree is planted in a designated woodland in Northumberland or donated for planting for a worthy cause which will benefit a community.

Our funeral homes in Grimsby and Immingham offer a relaxed and informal environment perfectly suited to the private, sensitive discussion of funeral arrangements. However, should a home visit be preferred, we are more than pleased to accommodate this. Our experienced Funeral Directors will ensure that every aspect is covered and every detail concluded from the moment we are contacted by you to the day of the funeral and beyond.