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Live Life Campaign

2008 was our 20th. year and to celebrate this wonderful anniversary we have launched our ‘Live Life’ Campaign. This campaign embraces how wonderful life is and that to live a healthy and full life is a responsibility that we should all endeavor to uphold, hence the motto "making everyday count".

The ‘Live Life’ campaign will sponsor and promote fund raising events, events that encompass a healthy life style and every penny donated will now benefit  ST. ANDREW'S HOSPICE our latest very worthwhile cause.

.....The second half of the 20th Century was marked by a breathtaking pace of change in nearly every aspect of life - social, ethnological, economic and political.  As part of that change, the development of the modern hospice movement was a distinctive feature.

St Andrew's Hospice, in Grimsby, has played an essential part in this, within a movement which has its origins as far back as the 4th Century, when religious orders offered expressions of Christian hospitality and care to travellers and the sick. While the modern hospice movement has come a long way from those origins, the features of Christian 'hospitality and care' have endured and are deeply embedded in the life of St Andrew's.

Hospices in the UK have stayed firmly within the voluntary sector.  Their funding through the generosity of the public has enabled communities to invest in the dignity of those with life-limiting illnesses. In a very real way, the history of St Andrew's is a reflection of the generosity of the people of North and North East Lincolnshire, the wider county, Hull and East Riding and beyond. The hospice has been, and continues to be, blessed by gifted individuals who have raised funds, overcome challenges and created a centre of hospitality and care of which our community can be proud.

'Making Each Day Count' is more than just a slogan; it is the reality for the adults and children using the services and facilities offered by St Andrew's - all free at the point of delivery. Ours is a history of a generous community, inspirational leadership and remarkable patients, staff, volunteers and directors.....

We are very proud and privileged to be able to support this very worthwhile charity.

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