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Obituaries and funeral announcements

A Death Announcement is a chargeable notice written by family members, assisted by a funeral director, and placed in a newspaper to announce the death of the deceased. A photograph of the deceased is often chosen to accompany the notice. Details usually included are:-
•    names and relationship of immediate family
•    information about the funeral service including venue, date and time.
•    requests as per floral tributes and/or donations in lieu of flowers.
•    which Funeral Director is dealing with the arrangements

An Acknowledgement (or ‘Thank you’) is a chargeable notice thanking the many people that have helped, supported, sent flowers, cards or donations during this sad time. Also included could be family, friends, neighbours, doctors/carers, ministers and funeral director.

A Floral Tribute List is a chargeable notice listing the floral tributes received in memory of the deceased on the day of the funeral service. If published, it would usually be at the same time as the acknowledgement.

A Mourners List (list of the names of those who attended the service) is often regarded as a ‘news item’ and as such is not charged for by the newspaper (The Grimsby Telegraph does not charge for these items, other publications may do so). It is a list of names of all who attended the funeral service and it can be accompanied by a photograph of the deceased.

       A Mourners List, when not charged for, is published at the discretion of the newspaper

An Obituary is regarded as a ‘news item’ and as such is not charged for by the
newspaper. It is typically an article reporting interesting stories or anecdotes about the person who has died. It is generally written by a journalist at the newspaper who would discuss details with the family either over the telephone or by visiting you in your own home.