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Grimsby (01472) 250150
Immingham (01469) 575050


Our premises at both Grimsby and Immingham offer a relaxed and informal environment perfectly suited to the sensitive discussion of funeral arrangements. However, should a home visit be preferred, we are more than pleased to accommodate this. Our experienced staff will ensure that every procedure is covered and every detail concluded from the moment we are contacted by you to the day of the funeral and beyond.

Head Office at The Mews

The Mews, in David Street, Grimsby was so named because of the very nature and appearance of the buildings...

Originally, so it is understood, the premises known as The Mews in David Street was stables and animal pens and part of the Heneage Farm Estate. 
The streets and houses were then built around the turn of the 20th. century, making the location ideal for serving the public both locally and further afield.

Entered by a well illuminated cobbled driveway, the premises open up into a tree lined car park and gardened approach. Because of it’s location it affords our bereaved families a very private but informal atmosphere within a quaint hideaway. The simple garden has proved to be very calming giving privacy and tranquility and the welcoming sitting room enjoys compliments such as ‘it’s just like someone’s living room’ and ‘I feel very much at home here’. In addition to the recently refurbished sitting room we have a very comfortable lounge, also recently refurbished, where clients may come to discuss any aspect of funeral arrangements, for either at the time of need or for pre need.

Immingham Funeral Home

Our Funeral Home at 373 Pelham Road, Immingham serves the good peolpe of Immingham and surrounding villages. It is conveniently located with parking available immediately outside, with a Chapel of Rest, private sitting room and reception.


Both premises are wheelchair friendly