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Local Registras & H. M. Coroner

Registrars, Registration & H.M. Coroner

A death must be registered, by law, within 5 days in the district/sub district in which it has occurred and under normal circumstances the informant must take to the Registrars the Medical Certificate. The informant should preferably be the nearest relative, executor or the person responsible for the funeral arrangements of the deceased.

Please note: 
you must telephone to make an appointment.

Local Registrar telephone numbers are as follows:-

North East Lincolnshire Registrars: (01472) 326291
Lincolnshire Registrars: (01522) 782244
North Lincolnshire Registrars: (01724) 843915

Details required by the Registrar:

Informants Certificate (issued by the hospital or G.P.). Deceased’s medical card & birth certificate (if available).
Full name, address, date & place of death and birth of the deceased, Deceased’s last occupation. Date of birth of surviving partner. Burial or cremation service?, Is the deceased in receipt of a pension or benefits ?

Documents supplied by the Registrar

The Registrar Certificate for burial/cremation (Green Form) will be given to you at the time of registration and should be handed to the Funeral Director. Certified copies of Entry of Death (Death Certificate) can be purchased, at the time of registration, at a cost of £4.00 per copy .

N.B. Further copies after registration cost £7.00 per copy or £10.00 per copy once archived.

Deaths reported to H.M. Coroner

In certain circumstances the hospital / doctor may report a persons death to H.M. Coroner’s Office.
In these cases the death certificate may not be issued. You will be contacted by the Coroners Officer and advised as to their decision.
Should you need further information you should contact the Coroner’s Officer on (01472) 324005.